In a few months, there is going to be a flood of graduates entering the workforce, and that transition will be stressful to many who have never had jobs before.

Before the interview there are several things you should do to help knock it out of the park.

A resume is a snapshot of your personal and professional life. When going to the interview make sure you have several hard copies in hand to give to your prospective employer and have your electronic resume in at least two different formats since different employers use various resume processing software.

Talk to the people you want to use as references beforehand to ensure they feel comfortable with being used as a reference and try to use present and past coworkers instead of friends and family.

Start preparing several days in advance by having friends and family members run mock interviews with you. They should critique you in order to help improve your presentation and interviewing skills. There are some questions that employers are not allowed to ask but the laws vary state to state; check online to see what those kinds questions are.

Research the company and the job position that you applied for so you can be prepared for questions like, “Why do you want to work here?” and “Why will you be useful for the position you are applying for?” Also, it’s important to know the history of the company and what their mission statement is because this information could be used as a question during the interview process.

When the big day comes there are still some small things to do.

Your attire should match the job that you’re applying for, and if you need help, just ask employers to give you helpful recommendations. The big things to stay away from are flip flops, shorts and T-shirts. It is not beneficial to dress casual.

Personal hygiene should be taken care of as well. Women who choose to wear makeup should do so in a conservative manner. Men that have facial hair should have it trimmed and well groomed and those who do not should be clean shaven. Try keeping some mints with you as well for right before you go in. Aside from keeping your breath fresh, eating a mint also reduces your stress.

Once the interview starts, there is some etiquette that is generally followed: Do not chew gum, but also try to reduce the amount of slang terms you use. Maintain good posture and speak clearly and in a professional manner. Being well-informed and knowledgeable can also get you further ahead of other peers.

Remember this interview is all about you, and you are trying to beat all the other candidates. Even though modesty and humility are respectable traits, you need to prop yourself up on a pedestal and brag about your accomplishments in a confident yet respectful manner.

After the interview some will get a job offer immediately, but for those who do not, wait a few days and then call. It will show that you are still interested in working for them, and that might provide the little extra push you needed to land the job.