Cardio is very important to keeping the body healthy.

“For me, running is really useful, because it helps relieve anger,” said ETSU student Selena Leon.

There are many ways to get cardio exercise, such as running. Running on an empty track is very common for people who like to run, and when they need to catch their breath, they can walk.

The same goes for running on a treadmill. The treadmill is useful because it comes with a variety of speeds so runners can push themselves according to their skill level.

It is always important to make sure that when you run, you don’t always run on hard surfaces such as concrete to prevent injuries such runner’s knee. According to Fitness Magazine, circuit training burns 30 percent more calories than following a traditional strength training routine that involves performing a set and then resting.

“Running helps burn calories, which can contribute to weight loss and reducing the risk of osteoporosis and complications related to joint pressure,” said author Morgan Rush. “Running can also strengthen and stabilize ligaments in the body, making you less susceptible to sprains.”

Running can do a lot for a person. For some people, it makes them feel like they have more energy to do things.

Exercises like jumping jacks are also a good source of cardio because they get your whole body involved. Doing this exercise for 30 seconds to one minute does a good job of getting your heart rate up.

Another good cardio exercise is plank to push ups. For this exercise, the goal is to do it as quickly as possible to get the most out of the exercise.

Burpees, another form of cardio exercise, are made up of many different exercises that require speed and repetition. 

“I feel running is a good way to relax; it’s a time I use to relax my mind,” said student Eric Colen. “I feel cardio exercises are good for your heart. Exercises like jumping jacks are something I try to do a lot. Some people in my family have high blood pressure, so I use cardio exercise to prevent it from affecting my health.”

Andrea Cespedes added, “Vary your routine regularly to reduce the chance of injury and to keep your body from becoming too efficient at one modality, which may result in a lower calorie burn.”

Though cardio exercise is helpful, it’s key to remember that it’s best to not just rely on cardio to stay healthy.