It’s that time of the year. Finals and last minute projects are creeping up on us, and needless to say, we all have a full plate on our hands.

Hiking is considered one of the best ways to relieve stress, and ETSU offers a cornucopia of different options for avid outdoorsmen.

This is great for ETSU students of all fitness levels. A few of the easier level hiking trails include Buffalo Trail and Hartsell Hollow.

“Being outside just gives you a good way to think about something other than school and to admire God’s creation,” said ETSU junior Chelsea Lane.

Recent weather has been perfect for hiking, offering students a sun-studded way to forget about their troubles.

“Hiking is also good exercise and when you are physically fit statistically you are to pay attention more in class and make better grades,” Lane said.

Exercise can help you sleep better after a day outside, helping you feel rested in preparation for final exams.

Another student, senior Karri Jones, said Laurel Falls offers a challenging trek for seasoned hikers.

“The level of fitness, I guess, is around an eight because you have to walk up hills and sometimes there are rocks and I know at Laurel Falls it goes up on a hill that’s very steep,” Jones said. “Laurel Falls takes a while because it is a long trail; it took about two hours to get to the falls and back but it was worth it because the water fall is beautiful.”

The weather outside would be good for a hike and swim if you’re willing to walk up to Laurel Falls.

Jones also mentioned Buffalo Trail, which is a great destination for people who aren’t as athletic.

“Buffalo is an easier trail because it is not so steep and is fairly easy and not as long as Laurel Falls,” Jones said. “Buffalo is more of a sight seeing trail and you can see all of Johnson City and ETSU’s campus from the hill at Buffalo.”

I hope to see some of you on the trails these next couple of weeks while the weather is nice.