As summer rolls in and graduations take place, high school seniors all over the country are starting to pack up their rooms and prepare for the next big step in their lives: college.

Whether you’re a transfer student or a first year freshman, ETSU strives to make the transition easier for students so that they can excel in every aspect of college life.

As incoming students arrive at ETSU in August, it is important to share the benefits that the university offers for students living on campus. Not only will students have the opportunity to build relationships in their residence hall, but they will also get to experience the accessible amenities that ETSU has to offer.

Living in an on-campus residence hall quickly places you with students who are in your same situation. With insightful resident advisors only a few doors down, the Residence Hall Association plans events to get students involved and nurture friendships. With the endless opportunities ETSU has to offer, housing is determined to help make our campus a home away from home for students.

Rising sophomore Averi Thomas is a South Carolina native who didn’t know anyone before moving to attend school at ETSU.

She quickly realized that living in a residence hall led to creating friendships that will last a lifetime.

“Don’t be afraid to talk to your RA or other people in your building, it’s such an easy way to make friends and most of the time, everyone else is in the same boat as you,” Thomas said.

Living and Learning Communities are also evolving.

LLCs help students with the same major to work together with study sessions, bonding, and by providing an older student to confide in.

“Joining an LLC was the best decision I made coming into college because the community and support system is great. Especially for an incoming freshman,” said Brendan Taber, a rising sophomore.

The benefits of living on campus, however, are not limited to residence halls. When students live on campus, they are closer to their classes, the Charles C. Sherrod Library and the Center for Academic Achievement, as well as several on-campus dining options.

As a transfer student, senior Cade Whitman quickly learned the perks of living on campus.

“Living in Powell Hall makes it easier to stay in the library until later at night rather driving around at all hours of the night,” Whitman said. “It’s just easier to walk back to my room.”

Living on-campus has many benefits to offer students.

“Living on campus changed my life,” stated senior and resident advisor Stephanie Hill. “If I could give incoming students one piece of advice, it would be to make ETSU your home away from home by living on our beautiful campus.”