This summer, ETSU students will be traveling all around the world.  Some will go on vacations to relax and have fun, some will go across the globe to do mission work or to study abroad and some will begin to plan for their careers by participating in internship programs across the nation.

Shelby Maiden, an art student who said that she loves to explore, is going to be spending two weeks in New York and Canada this summer.  She has plans to explore the city that never sleeps and expose herself to as much art as she can.

“I’m going to go see the Broadway play ‘Hamilton,’ as well as visit many museums,” Maiden said.

Emily Long, a nursing student, will be traveling to Kinango, Kenya for a mission trip with 13 other students for three and a half weeks.

“While we are there, we will be working with the African World Gospel Missions and doing children’s ministries and sports ministries while we live with the people of that community,” Long said.  “After two weeks, we will then travel to Tenwek Hospital to work with doctors and nurses.”

Kylie Hensley, an english student, will be traveling to France to study abroad.

“I’ve never been to Europe before, but I’m so excited to get the opportunity to spend a month in Paris this summer,” Hensley said.  “I can’t wait to put myself out there and experience everything that Paris has to offer.”

David Hirsh, a digital media student, will travel to Los Angeles for a summer internship with Zoic Studios, a visual effects studio in Culver City, California.

“I’m extremely excited,” Hirsh said. “It’s the first step in my career.”

Students that do not have the time or the funds to commit to long trips still have the option for a quick getaway this summer, whether that be toward the beach or enjoying ventures in areas like Asheville, Savannah or Charleston.

Students can also enjoy their summer break from classes by taking day trips to safe, remote areas in the beautiful Smoky Mountains for that calm and refreshing getaway with nature.

This summer, ETSU students will be scattered across the globe, representing the university and taking new journeys to new destinations, until they return to campus in the fall. Whether they’re traveling for work, pleasure or study, students are bound to explore and find new adventures.

“With everything going on in the world, I feel that it is more important to get out there and experience new cultures and learn about people all over the world,” Hensley said.