The Quad at ETSU was a frenzy of activity as students gathered around to take part in the Bucky’s Back to School Bash.

A DJ, some inflatables, and free food were present, however, it was the numerous tents and tables that had been set up that received the most attention, though a part of the reason why soon became apparent.

At a Welcome Week stand, students were encouraged to visit a variety of presentations. If they attended nine, they would be eligible for a drawing to win prizes. On the field were colorful and bold boards encouraging onlookers to join a sorority or a fraternity such as Sigma Kappa, Kappa Delta and others.

And not just those. Also present were organizations such as the Student Government Association, Black Affairs, Gospel Choir, Buctainment, Volunteer ETSU, and more.

One of the more popular stands belonged to Outreach Coordinator, Jesse Henderson. She introduced Oasis, a group that advocated consensual sex and the Alcohol Drug Program.

Her interesting slogan read, “Do it turned on, not tuned out.” Students flocked about to listen to her speak about the difference between consensual sex and non consensual sex. The event is aimed at new and returning students, especially those that are approaching the drinking age.

Henderson believed that raising “sober sex awareness” will result in more people using alcohol responsibly. Another interesting presentation came from Sodexo, a part of the school’s Quality of Life Services. The spokesman had on his display table what appeared to be about 15 water bottles.

When an onlooker inquired about them he informed her that the bottles sold for $42 a piece. Some students had arched eyebrows in response to the pricey bottles but the man continued to explain stating that around ETSU campus there were 5 coke or drink fountains. If one were to buy a bottle they’d have unlimited access to the drink fountain, which, he added, could save money in the long run.

He elaborated, that if one were to eat at the on-campus restaurants, a drink purchase would not be necessary. Also, he added, it would be a great buy for the environmentally conscious, because it would be reducing the amount of waste and trash in landfills.

The event had began at 9:30 a.m. and had concluded by around 1:30 p.m., but it was obvious judging from the crowd that the aim had been achieved. Plenty of new and returning students walked away with new information on diverse topics and organizations.