A football game is classically considered the best opportunity for students to show their school spirit, but that was not the case on Monday evening.

ETSU’s Buccaneer pride was on full display during the women’s Blue and Gold volleyball match, which took place at 5 p.m. in Brooks Gym.

Before the match, students, faculty and staff were invited by members of the women’s volleyball team to enjoy pizza and refreshments on the steps of the gymnasium. This gave students and players an opportunity to mingle with one another and get excited for the match.

When asked what results were expected that night, AJ Lux had two things in mind: “Lots of fun and a win for the gold team.” Once Lux announced this predicted victory, her fellow Gold teammates and opponents on the Blue Team started passing volleys of cheerful banter between each other.

Throughout the game, head coach Lindsey Devine promoted student involvement and interaction by asking spectators a variety of random questions. If the question was answered correctly, the spectator was then asked to come down onto the court.

Once enough fans were chosen to compete for prizes such as ETSU apparel and gift certificates, Devine then gave instructions and rules for a mini competition to follow. During these games, the volleyball team got to compete alongside fellow students, showing teamwork and discipline that will be put to the test during their upcoming season.

Towards the end of the game, it looked as if the Blue Team would dominate, but the Gold Team prevailed.

With both sides tied 24 to 24, the Gold Team scored the match point with a perfect set followed by a powerful spike. The spike sent the ball over the net, and the return hit was missed by the Blue Team. Thus, the Gold team was declared the victor.

After the game, Rebecca Edwards, a student spectator, said she enjoyed this welcome to the Lady Bucs’ volleyball season.

“It was great to see students playing alongside each other and the women’s volleyball team,” she said. “It provided entertainment and a sense of unity among everyone in the gym.”