It is an often-repeated fact that the internet has forever changed the nature of the music world.

While much is discussed of the illegal and legal music download industry and streaming services, YouTube has greatly impacted the way we listen to music.

Not only is a majority of recorded music available at our fingertips, several artists have gained fame through posting videos on the site, such as Justin Beiber and Pentatonix. Likewise, there are still many lesser-known YouTubers posting high quality musical content. Here are a few of my personal choices.

1. Postmodern Jukebox

Musician Scott Bradlee and a cast of super-talented vocalists and musicians take modern hits and classics and turn back the clock stylistically.

Ever wanted to hear how the Rat Pack would have handled R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” or a soulful Motown take on Beyonce’s “Halo”? You’re in luck! Bradlee’s channel has an outstanding 2.1 million subscribers. The popularity of Postmodern Jukebox has even led to Bradlee taking the act on tour.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Soul Green Day Cover ft. Maiya Sykes

2. Leo Moraccholi (Frog Leap Studios)

This Norwegian musician creates metalized and/or acoustic covers of popular songs from his amazing home studio.

Showing that metalheads are more than just black clothes and scowls, Moraccholi brings an entertaining sense of humor into most of his videos, sometimes incorporating his adorable daughter into his shredding performances.

Shake It Off (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

3. Davie504

This 22 year old Italian-English bass guitarist isn’t afraid to experiment bordering on the ridiculous, including playing a bass solo with no strings or using a Dorito as a pick.

Yes, you read that right, a Dorito! (Actually, he uses a series of Doritos that keep breaking on the strings, but the sound is impressive, nonetheless.)