One of the many benefits to having ETSU located in downtown Johnson City is the wide variety of restaurants that students have to choose from. Whether a student is in the mood for fine dining, fast-food or a causal sit-down meal with friends, downtown can deliver.

One of these popular spots among students is the Asheville-based White Duck Taco Shop. When arriving to the restaurant, I was immediately pleased by the simplistic industrial design.

Though the restaurant is relatively new, it blends in with the industrial theme of Johnson City’s historic district. The restaurant is also built upon a raised wood foundation to prevent flooding and give the restaurant a defined architectural foundation.

The inside of the restaurant is casual and relaxing by day and lively by night, thanks to the YeeHaw Brewing Company which is housed in the same building. The interior also includes a vast amount of natural light pouring in through large windows and numerous sets of French doors which lead out to a lengthy patio and fire pit area.

The taco shop’s colorful chalkboard menus are quirky and provide a short description of each item.

I ordered a fish taco, and my friend chose a black bean and cheese taco. Once we ordered, we were given an order number and told, “Please sit anywhere you all would like, and we will bring your food out to you when it is ready.”

Surprisingly, we received our food within only seven minutes, and everything was superb. We decided to sit inside but adjacent to a set of open French doors, which allowed a cool breeze to enter the restaurant. This really enhanced our dining experience because it made the restaurant feel very relaxed and airy. Our tacos were garnished heavily and displayed a wide variety of color which was pleasing to the eye.

I will definitely visit White Duck Taco Shop again in the near future. The staff was very knowledgeable when asked about their personal favorites and menu options and the restaurant itself was very tidy and clean. I definitely recommend it to anyone who seeks a simple, local dining experience.

The White Duck Taco Shop is located at 126 Buffalo St. in Johnson City.