Each year ETSU hosts a Family Weekend.

These programs are series of events tailored to promoting family activity in hopes of persuading prospective students to attend ETSU in the future.

On Saturday, Oct. 1, ETSU students and members of the community were invited to partake in a free comedy show at the Martha Street Culp Auditorium. The comedy show was hosted by Dave Coulier who played Uncle Joey on “Full House.”

Although a comedy show may not be the first thing that comes to mind when promoting new student interest, the event was very entertaining and the auditorium was at full occupancy thanks to the big-name performer.

Jenny Linderme, currently enrolled at Virginia Highlands Community College, was one of the prospective students that attended the comedy show.

“I am a general studies major at VHCC and I really enjoyed visiting the campus tonight,” Linderme said. “There are several different majors offered by ETSU that interest me. ETSU is definitely a school that is on my ‘transfer’ list, but I definitely want to nail down a major before I transfer for real.”

All week long, prospective students could be seen touring the ETSU campus in groups led by student ambassadors, or even just themselves and their family members. These tours give students and family familiarity with building locations and valuable information about how ETSU operates and serves its student body.

High school senior Jessica Shennan was exploring the ETSU campus this past Friday with her father.

“I like everything about ETSU,” Shennan said. “The buildings, the students, and the campus itself is so cool, especially the Basler Center for Physical Activity.”

Shennan is hoping to attend ETSU next fall and major in Nursing.

“I really like the nursing program and hope to be a part of it someday.”

For those who missed out on Family Weekend, visit the New Student and Family Programs webpage at etsu.edu/students/nsfp/ for more information about attending ETSU and upcoming programming.