Each year, the ETSU Department of Public Safety releases their annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

This report shows three years of statistics, 2013-2015, and allows the ETSU community to evaluate the crime and fire climate on campus.

In their report, Public Safety also accounts for the ETSU branch campuses: Kingsport at Allandale, Kingsport Downtown, ETSU at Sevier Center, Valley Brook, Nave Center and ETSU Asheville. These campuses collectively reported no crime between 2013 and 2015.

In 2013, reported crimes were at their highest rate for the past three years, however from 2013-2015, there were no instances of murder or statutory rape.

There were nine counts of rape, with three being in on campus residence halls and four on campus property. The other two accounts of rape were on a non-campus property. In addition, one count of forced fondling occurred on campus property in 2015.

Aggravated assaults went down 11 percent from 2013-2015  with just three total – two on campus and another on a non-campus property. Down from 2013, there were seven weapons arrests and no disciplinary referrals.

In 2015, there were four counts of domestic violence, four counts of dating violence and one count of stalking.

The largest crime issue at ETSU’s campuses are drug and alcohol offenses.

There were arrests for 64 counts of drug violations and 40 liquor law violations in 2015 on on-campus property and student housing facilities, which is relatively consistent with the numbers for the past two years. For these offenses, there were 260 disciplinary referrals for liquor law violations and 79 drug abuse violations on campus in 2015.

Public Safety checks the sprinkler, fire alarm and extinguishers of each residence hall annually. All 11 of ETSU’s residence halls passed these inspections.

As for fires, arson occurred twice on campus property and once in a residence hall.

There was one unintentional fire in the Buc Ridge A apartments due to an open flame and one count of arson in Lucille Clement Hall; the fire caused $80 dollars worth of damage. Both of these fires occurred in 2015.

In the theft category, four accounts of motor vehicle theft occurred in 2013, but none occurred in the past year. There was one unfounded account of robbery on campus property in 2015, which means that the robbery lacked factual evidence to prove it actually happened.

In 2016, ETSU enacted HAVEN training for freshmen students and university employees. HAVEN is an anonymous, online training that assess how students have been impacted by or perpetuated sexual violence. The training also highlights bystander intervention education. HAVEN is expected to have an impact on sexual assault statistics in the coming years.

Public Safety encourages students to report any misconduct, using the care report, emailing bucprevention@etsu.edu or calling 439-4480. In case of emergency, call 911.