This year, multiple organizations dedicated to cultural education and diversity have teamed up to put on a free Casino Night in order to help showcase the many different groups at ETSU as well as promote alcohol awareness.

The event will be held Thursday, Nov. 3 at 8 p.m. in The Cave.

Some of the organizations teaming up this year include Black Affairs, the Hispanic American Students Community Alliance, the Office of Equity and Diversity, Gospel Choir and the South Asian Cultural Exchange.

The event will have casino card games like poker, blackjack, roulette and spades. There will also be a photo booth and free food.

The attire for the event is formal meets cocktail, much like you would wear when going to a real casino. There will also be giveaways for students in attendance.

In order to bring a festive feeling to the event, the sponsors have teamed up with the participants to showcase one beverage from each culture.

These will form a juice bar, where students will be able to taste the non-alcoholic version of these cultures’ drinks.

Some drinks include margaritas, sparkling wine and strawberry daiquiris, and all drinks will help to spread alcohol awareness. Rita’s Italian Ice will also be serving at the event.

In previous years, this event has been one that students have really liked, so this year they have decided to turn it into a learning experience.

There will be an opportunity for students to learn about the dances of different cultures and there will be a cultural talent show at the event.

Laura Terry, the director of multicultural affairs, said this event is a time for students to network and mingle with those from different backgrounds.

“This is all about unity and getting along,” Terry said.

If you want to learn more about different cultures and have a fun time doing it, be sure to stop by the Casino Night.