If getting a campus parking ticket seems more expensive this year, it’s not just your imagination.

Parking in reserved spots, like areas designated for students and faculty, now costs offenders $40– twice as much as the fine for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Joe Smith, executive assistant to the president for University Relations, confirmed ETSU’s increase in reserved parking violations, even as other infractions, such as no permit being displayed, have remained in the same bracket from last year.

ETSU Parking Services could not be reached for comment on why the increase has occurred.

Senior Haley Hughes says she understands students should not be allowed in designated faculty spots, but that ETSU should be more lenient with said fines, not harsher.

“They make parking so hard on students, but they want to charge double? I don’t think that’s very fair,” she said.

Senior Deanna Cannon feels the parking issues go beyond the amount of fines; she believes parking should be structured, according to grade and department.

“Just like in high school, I think we should have assigned spots for our cars. Freshmen should be in the furthest away, and you get closer the longer you’re in school,” Cannon said.

“If you’re a grad student who has all their classes in a place like Ross Hall, you should have a spot near that building.”

“Plus,” she added, “grad students should at least have faculty parking, since they’re basically faculty anyway.”