The non-student victim of an aggravated assault on Dec. 15 admitted to Public Safety that he fabricated the incident days after the alleged assault, according to an incident report by ETSU Public Safety

In the original Safety Notice sent to students via the Office of Public Safety, Larry Brooks, 18, reported that three unknown men emerged from the wooded area next to Parking Lot 44 near Buccaneer Ridge Buildings D and E at 12:37 a.m. and grabbed him.

Once the men grabbed Brooks, he alleged they attempted to rob him by grabbing for his pockets. Brooks told police that one of the attackers had a knife. Brooks defended himself and a fight occurred. The three attackers then fled to the woods without harming Brooks or taking any of his possessions.

After an initial investigation by ETSU Public Safety, officers concluded the assault did not take place. Police brought Brooks in for questioning and he admitted that the assault and attempted robbery did not occur. Brooks was arrested for filing a false police report and his court date is set for Jan. 19.