Friday Jan. 20 was a historic date as Donald J. Trump became the nation’s 45th president.

He gave a speech that was inspiring to some and enraging to others, and in his inaugural address the president addressed the nation’s division by saying, “Never forget: Whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots.”

Trump spoke of borders, jobs, wealth and patriotism.

At ETSU there were those who were upset and uncomfortable with the idea of a Trump presidency.

“I believe he’s going to tear down what the Obama administration fought for, progress-wise,” said Catherine Tucker, the president of ETSU College Democrats.

Tucker also admits her fears and lack of confidence in the president’s controversial cabinet.

Tucker said that many members of ETSU College Democrats are upset but plan to “stand together with other like-minded groups and just make sure everyone knows that they are supported regardless.”

What does it mean to be a Democrat? Tucker believes it is to be someone who “makes it known that everyone does matter.”

An anonymous Republican student stated that his reaction to Trump was “underwhelming.” He was skeptical of Trump himself but prefers to be optimistic.

“There is potential in all,” he said. “Challenges make the man. I think he can do well. We all have the potential to do good.

Maybe as he experiences and sees more of how the government is ran, he could do good.”

Republican Dylan Glenn Osborne said he voted for Trump once and he would do so again.

“First, he is a businessman,” Osborne said. “Also, he is a man that isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind. He has different outlooks on this whole situation. Donald wants this country to be great again … He may say some stupid stuff but look at him now. Now that he is president he’s doing good.”

Correction: An earlier version of this article quoted an anonymous source who claimed that Republicans believe in a “strong, centralized government.” Classically, Republicans believe that opposite — that government should be small.