It is almost February and the weather has yet to allow for bundled up assembles. Instead, we are going around campus in leggings, a t-shirt and the occasional raincoat.

Being in college, it is hard to find the will to get up in the morning and get dressed. This feat is even harder to overcome when everything in the closet is meant for 30 degrees and below and it’s 65 degrees in the morning.

Fixing the problem of getting away from super casual-wear, because those are seemingly the only items that correspond with the weather, starts with what you are shopping for.

Every good outfit, especially for school, starts with a good pair of jeans. Jeans can be worn in any kind of weather, and they look nicer than sweatpants no matter what they are paired with.

Instead of the big, thick sweaters that we are usually wearing around this time, go instead for something lighter than can be paired with a small jacket (i.e. raincoat).

It is a little too warm for boots but not for short booties or slip-on tennis shoes, both of which go with jeans and a light sweater.

While it may be easier to slip on something without a button and zipper, your overall attitude is affected by how you dress.

Dress better, and even comfortable, and you feel more confident and more awake throughout the day. There is no excuse for the awkward weather, there are other options!