If you enjoy creative literature and artistic expression, The Mockingbird may provide the perfect outlet for your creativity.

The Mockingbird is a student-led literary and art magazine that just entered its 44th year of publication, printing the art and creative writings of ETSU students annually.

For many aspiring writers and artists, the magazine provides much-needed experience in creating, editing and finalizing their works for publications.

English major Danielle Byington, editor of The Mockingbird, has had works published in the magazine three different times.

“My hope is that all students who pursue being a part of The Mockingbird gain a worthwhile experience to examine the challenges involved in producing, submitting and getting their work published,” Byington said.

When asked about her role as editor of the magazine, Byington replied, “I think people often don’t understand being an editor is far more than just being a writer, the same way that being a writer is far more than just having a blog; there must be substance as well as professional motivation.”

Byington offered advice for her fellow schoolmates who may be seeking artistic inspiration.

“I think many artists and writers make the mistake of waiting on inspiration to come to them,” Byington said. “This wastes valuable time that an artist or writer could use to create small snippets of work for later use.”

She suggests that by creating these small pieces, the artist can fully develop his or her bits into a work of art. This is a great strategy for ensuring that writers and artists continue to practice their creativity and make the most of their spare time.

Byington also stated that art is sought and consumed by audiences who want to experience a deeper sense of humanity. She said each volume of The Mockingbird represents the artistic capacity of each student that submits his or her art and literature. Most importantly, Byington stressed that the magazine helps represent our campus as not only a place for academic learning and excellence, but also a place for creating and expressing art.

To any students who may be interested in possibly having their work submitted for the magazine, submissions are generally sought out early September to late October.

All guidelines are posted on The Mockingbird’s website which can be accessed on the Department of Literature and Language’s website.