SGA wants to reach out to every student organization on campus.

SGA passed new legislation on Tuesday that would assign senators to two organizations. The senators would be in charge of relaying information to those organizations about developments on campus.

“I think this is a really good legislation,” Sen. Megha Gupta said. “I have a lot of trouble trying to explain to other people what’s going on in SGA and the kind of stuff we’re talking about, especially when they don’t read any of their emails.”

Vice President Nathan Farnor discussed a new app called PANO: Campus Life, put together by the university and the SORC

“It’s almost like a social media app just for our university and for our community,” Farnor said.

The app allows students to make a profile, create events or see what events are happening on campus. The app works on iPhones and Androids.

“It’s like a combination of Facebook and BucHub, but it’s a lot easier to use and it’s fun to play around with,” Farnor said. “It’s officially up and running and you can download it. It’s still in the early stages so there may be some problems, but overall, we are hoping that students will use this more than they use BucHub and will be a good way for people to share events. “

BucHub, the directory for student organizations, will still be in place.

SGA is also partnering with the Honors College student council to host a privilege walk on March 23 at noon in the Multicultural Center. The ETSU Privilege Walk will happen every other Thursday through February, March and April starting Feb. 2. Each event focuses on a specific top that is related to diversity. SGA and the Honors College student council’s topic will be social justice and politics.