Shallow Side is an upcoming alternative-rock band that reminds you of the classic youthful rebellion personified.

Back again to the city, Shallow Side will be performing at the Hideaway in downtown Johnson City at 7 p.m. on Thursday.

Singer Eric Boatright and his fellow bandmates came from origins not unknown here in East Tennessee. Growing up in northern Alabama, these guys came from “humbling beginnings,” Boatright said. Boatright describes his upbringing as the “blue collar type family, living from paycheck to paycheck.”

When they create their music, Boatright said they just sit down and go with what they’ve been feeling recently. Their experiences, their feelings, all of it goes into what they’re making.

“We’re artists, above everything, we’re artists,” Boatright said.

Their progression has been steady. They went from playing at parties to playing at clubs. Soon enough, they began playing in small cities and then on to the larger cities. They’ve already been to Nashville and Atlanta, and yesterday they had a concert in Knoxville.

Where they’re from, “playing music and being in the entertainment business is not well known,” Boatright said. “We were one of those group of people that wanted something different, wanted something more, and worked extremely hard to get to it.”

With 2 albums under their belt, they’ve just recently released their newest album, “One.”

Their tour ends in April, and once the weather isn’t so cold, they hope to come back to the South for a time to rest and relax.

Boatright hopes Shallow Side will go international one day. He says they have fans across seas, but traveling internationally is still a work in progress.

“We’re performing music for the people who want it and need it,” Boatright said.

With that upbeat vibe they give to their music, it makes you feel like you’re at a party with your friends, all getting into a little trouble and disregarding whatever authority holds you back.

Their sound is nostalgic in a way. Coming from a southern background, their music relates to that rebellious streak we all have in us.