The Patchwork Players is a student run, student directed, student designed and acted theatre program on campus that is open to anyone, regardless of major and minor, interested in independent projects. Productions vary from full length plays on campus to touring productions and improv.

The Patchwork Players was started with the hopes of providing a laboratory space for students to experiment with their interest in theatre, whether it be in acting, directing, designing, writing or technical duties. With the smaller campus environment first-time students can feel more relaxed and encouraged to try something new, without the stress of a major theatre company.

Students can get involved by emailing These emails will go directly to President Evin McQuistion. You can also check out their home page on Buc-Hub. You may also see the improv group in the amphitheater on any given day; the group is hoping this will bring more publicity and excitement about upcoming events.

Shows for this semester will include a cabaret at Tipton Art Gallery. Students can audition for this production Feb. 16 in the Bud Frank Theatre. Students can prepare anything they would like for the audition such as a dance, a song or a dialogue as long as the theme is luck, since the Cabaret will take place close to St. Patrick’s day.

A few other shows that will be coming up later in the semester are “Victorian Station,” “A Kind of Alaska” and “Family Voices.” All three plays were written by Harold Pinter, a well-known British playwright who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005. His plays are particularly famous for their minimal use of dialogue between characters.

“The Aliens” by Annie Baker is an off Broadway play that also emphasizes a lack of dialogue, with a cast of only three people. Baker is known for her unconventional plays that seem to slow down the theatre. The first read-through of this show happened earlier this week, and the actors are doing well with the different style. Junior Evin McQuistion will direct this play.