If you heard the smooth and groovy miniature concert going on in the Cave Wednesday afternoon, that was Melliflux, an aspiring musical duo with their unique spin-off of the R&B and pop base.

“It’s the mainstream pop stuff you hear but with a little more soul,” said Ivan LeFever, one of the members of the band.

Kelsey Kovar and Ivan LaFever are the two musicians who make up Melliflux and are both from the music capitol of Nashville, Tennessee.

Their inspiration derives from various artists, including Katy Perry, Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, Justin Timberlake and John Mayer. If you listen to their sound, you can definitely hear that inspiration being expressed.

The band was formed approximately a year and a half ago when LeFever and Kovar met in a local restaurant where LeFaver had been performing every Thursday night for years. Kovar had approached LaFever one day after the show and suggested they should sing together. Six months later, they began dating, and Melliflux was born.

Coincidentally, LaFever and Kovar hail from the same university. LeFever graduated from Middle Tennessee State University, and Kovar is currently enrolled. Both are in the degrees of music and business; LeFever minored in marketing and Kovar is minoring in public relations. Both are perfect combinations for the independent band.

“Right now, everything is pretty self-sustaining,” LeFever said.

Melliflux has yet to be signed to any labeling company, but they do have a producer who works with them in their home-based studio in Nashville.

“Basically the entire house has been transformed into a studio,” Kovar said.

Since the musicians also double as the managers of Melliflux, they have to book their own shows and tours. Kovar said it’s not entirely a search for them, though. Sometimes venues approach them first for potential bookings.

For ETSU, Kovar said, “It was a mutual thing. We played for them; they chose us. They were looking for someone; we were looking to be hired.”

Though they may be fairly new as a band, their sound is truly captivating. The relaxing acoustic sound of Melliflux reminds you of a time when the weather was warm, and you don’t have a trouble in the world. It’s a great sound altogether that conjures up your brightest memories.

Ironically enough, Melliflux is derived from the word “mellifluous,” meaning sweet or musical; pleasant to hear. The name certainly does the band justice.

If you didn’t catch their performance on campus, they’ll be performing again this weekend in Bowling Green, Kentucky. More of their music can also be found online on their Youtube channel “Melliflux Band.” Melliflux will be releasing an EP in May and hopes to be playing in the heart of Nashville pretty soon.