Most ETSU students are unaware of the security measures at the Buccaneer Ridge campus apartments.

According to Bonnie Burchett, Director of Housing and Residence Life, the apartments fall under the jurisdiction of both Axis Security and Public Safety.

While Axis Security is an additional measure of security hired by the university as a supplement, Burchett said Public Safety officers are trained police officers who are employed full-time, and who have the main responsibility on campus.

Other differences between the two include pay grade, with Axis personnel being paid $15 per hour, which is less than what Public Safety officers make. The officer assigned to Buc Ridge typically patrols the complex, while the Axis guard mans the checkpoint, ensuring visitors have proper ID and that visitor protocol is followed.

Visitors to the complex are required to have an ETSU ID. If they do not, a resident is responsible for checking them in. If the resident is present, the guests are asked to return later. All visitors have their names, driver’s license and license plate number recorded.

“The security guards are to be the eyes and ears for Public Safety,” Burchett said. She said Axis guards do not carry weapons, but have radios in order to contact Public Safety immediately. The guards also contact Public Safety in instances of speeding, suspicious behavior or persons of interest.

“We would rather have our officers on security patrol around the complex interacting with residents and addressing any issues, questions or concerns that need attention,” said Burchett on the matter of Public Safety being more expensive than an Axis guard.

Axis guards are primarily at Buc Ridge on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, according to Burchett, because that’s when the campus sees an increase in activity. However, security is available at the apartment complex every night. A university police officer is on patrol, as well as a university security guard. Should one of those be unavailable, Axis is brought in to supplement them.

Other security measures include the university having the right to place a guard in the Clubhouse at the complex, which Burchett says they have done in the past. There are also cameras and emergency phones located around Buc Ridge, in addition to the individual alarms placed in each apartment that connects directly to Public Safety.