The Academic Performance Scholarship is awarded to new ETSU students, both freshman and transfer. Students who are currently enrolled are not eligible for this scholarship.

Students who already have the scholarship may have noticed some changes if they have the faculty level scholarship. Those students are not required to complete 75 service hours each semester.

The APS scholarship has four different levels with different requirements.

The faculty scholarships are each worth $2,000 and do not require the service hours.

The presidential, provost and deans scholarship are worth more, thus requiring the service hours. The deans scholarship is worth $3,000, the provost scholarship is worth $4,000 and the presidential scholarship is worth $5,000.

Scoring for the SAT test changed and the scholarship and its requirements were changed as well.

APS scholarships are awarded at the beginning of each semester, and students have the entire semester to complete their service hours. If a student fails to complete these hours, the scholarship is lost for all future terms.

“Our priority deadline for making awards is Dec. 15,” said Kathy Feagins, the scholarship office director. “If we have funding available, we continue to make awards to students who submit applications.”

The transfer APS is competitive and based on grade point average. Regular APS scholarships are based on the freshman’s sixth semester GPA and ACT/SAT score earned by the priority deadline.

Presidential level scholars must maintain an average GPA of 3.9 and have a minimum ACT score of 30.

The provost scholarship requires a 27 ACT score, the deans requires a 26 and level one of the faculty requires a 25. All three require a 3.5 GPA. The second level of the faculty scholarship requires a 4.0.

The service hours are composed of working in offices or in others ways on campus. The number of jobs available change each semester, depending on how many students qualify for each scholarship.

Since the scholarships vary, so does the amount made per hour.

Future Bucs should apply for this scholarship using the online application at