The cloud cover, rain and even some snow has been in the air this week in Johnson City.

Because there are only a few things that can be worn to keep both warm and dry, there are always some constants seen around campus.

Tall rain boots, usually a dark color, used to be the most common trend for damp days, but that has evolved this season.

Dark rain boots are still generally a go-to, because they will match almost anything in the closet, but the colors this season lean towards something brighter.

A purple or blue rain boot can brighten up the dark jeans and sweatshirt usually worn on a rainy day. It is cold and it is less about style when going from point A to point B, but adding a pop of color in the rain gear helps with this.

Short rain boots are even more popular than tall boots, especially for the working/college student because they are more convenient once you actually reach your destination.

L.L. Bean Boots are the popular, name-brand short boots on campus. However, Sperry Topsider and Jack Rogers have a variation of that same idea that come in multiple variations if you want to set yourself apart but still have the same comfortable and appropriate wet-weather look.

In the same situation as the boots, it is generally ideal to go for a dark-colored rain coat because it will match everything, but getting something brighter is always more exciting.

A soft peach/baby blue color are popular because they won’t distract too much from any other item being worn.

My advice: If you buy colored boots, go for the neutral color jacket. If you buy the colored jacket, buy the neutral-colored boots. That way the look is versatile and more exciting than all black everything.