The photograph next to the “WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS” article from Monday, Feb. 6, 2017, a protestor was holding a sign that read “know your history THE PILGRIMS WERE UNDOCUMENTED.” I found this very concerning.

Yes, the sign is correctly written and no one is denying that the pilgrims came here rather unwelcomed. But do you want modern day ‘pilgrims’ coming into the country that we have worked so hard to build over the last 300 years?

I, for one, welcome ANY and ALL legislation blocking a modern ‘pilgrim’ from entering the country because we all know what happened to the indigenous people. The pilgrims were responsible for mass genocide, raping, pillaging, carrying diseases, theft, etc. Is that something that an American citizen wants to welcome into the country?

The immigration ban is just that, a ban on immigration. It is NOT and never will be a BAN on religion. It is a ban on seven Arabic nations that ISIS has effected over the past few years. ISIS destroyed entire areas and took them over, leaving behind all government records, government buildings containing important documents, blank visas, blank passports and the machinery in which to print legitimate-looking documentation to gain entrance to the United States.

In Germany, we have seen many refugees seeking asylum and an increase in Islamic terrorism. Angela Merkel, German Chancellor said, “It is particularly bitter and repulsive when terrorist attacks are committed by people who are supposed to seek shelter in our country.” (Attacks)

I do not want you to think that I am writing to say that I whole heartedly agree with the ban as-is, however I think that something like ‘Trump’s Ban’ is needed and should be welcomed with open arms in this great nation that is ours, the American Citizens. We should not set ourselves up for failure by not properly examining our immigration and customs standards. This is our nation, our history and our future. Let’s prevent modern day ‘Pilgrims’ from doing to us what the pilgrims did to the Native Americans.

Timothy Dougherty is an ETSU alumn.