We at the Counseling Center would like to offer a clarifying statement to the article in the Feb. 6 issue titled “No Increase in Counseling Visits Post-Election.”

While we did not have the quantitative statistics available at the time, qualitatively, we have all noticed many students and clients struggling with this election and inauguration.  The struggles are not simply, “my candidate did not win.” Instead, the struggle is most often a deep questioning and crisis of democracy, human behavior, ethics, existential meaning and belief & spirituality, fear & safety, oppression and exile.  Additionally, many students are struggling to find their way into navigating healthy relationships with their family members, home & religious communities and friends.

These questions and concerns are at the core of our humanity, meaning and belonging that help us be healthy participants in this world.  It is important work, and should be fully recognized and supported.

This letter was sent on behalf of the staff at the ETSU Counseling Center.