On Feb. 23, ETSU Career Services hosted its Career Fair with various employers and sponsors from 10 a.m to 2 p.m at the ETSU Culp Center 3rd Floor, Ballroom.

The event was free to students of all majors and to alumni. All academic class levels were invited to attend.

ETSU’s Career Services exists to help students obtain a career by providing proper presentation tips, resumes checks and highlighting and other services to help students succeed.

When students arrived to the ballroom, they were asked to sign in, wear name tags and enter a room filled with company displays and representatives. These registered employers had part-time jobs, full-time jobs and internships for students to explore.

Employers and sponsors included Eastman Credit Union, the Peace Corps, Allied Dispatch Solutions, Mountain State Health Alliance and the U.S. Navy.

Also present were schools such as Tusculum College, Milligan College, Mountain Youth Academy and U.V.A McEntire School of Commerce.

Students were encouraged by career services to dress in professional attire and to bring multiple copies of resumes. Those that were especially interested were to do research on their favorite companies and assemble a list of questions to ask recruiters.

Employers offered their pitches and had business cards, pamphlets and folders available that explained additional information and possible benefits. Employers were also helpful in aligning degrees with certain jobs.

For example, the Peace Corps claimed to be a fantastic option for those that were bilingual or English majors, while Eastman Credit Union advertised itself as an excellent opportunity for those that were interested in finance or business.

Employers also offered tips on what they were looking for as well as what they expected from future employees. Students were able to sign up for emails and take away small souvenirs and novelties from the fair.

At the fair’s conclusion, students were able to deposit their name in a survey drawing and were eligible for a prize.

Career services recommends that students make a note to follow up regarding interest in a potential job area. It’s recommended that the letters be received by an employer two to five days after the event.

For more information regarding interview tips and career choices visit the ETSU Career Services’ website at www.etsu.edu/students/career.