ETSU employees received a strange request from the university on March 1.

“ETSU is in possession of an open records request submitted by attorney James D. Culp on behalf of his client, Dr. David Champouillon, requesting all emails sent by ETSU faculty and staff that contain the words “erection” or “erections” between the time frame of Feb. 13, 2016 – Feb. 13, 2017,” the email said.

Faculty and staff, “including full-time, part-time, adjunct, and temporary employees who maintain an ETSU email account,” were asked to submit relevant emails to by Wednesday, March 8, at 4:30 p.m.

“All emails that are submitted to this … account will be carefully reviewed by University Relations and University Counsel to ensure that the emails are, in fact, public records and that student, medical, and other protected information is kept confidential,” the email said.

ETSU is attempting to fire Champouillon, the director of jazz studies and a tenured professor at ETSU, following allegations that he sexually harassed two faculty members in his department. He has been suspended from the university with pay. Champouillon denies the allegations.

According to WJHL, the university has conducted a hearing about the allegations and will give a recommendation to ETSU President Brian Noland. He will then determine if Champuillon will stay at ETSU.