Spring break is around the corner. Do you have plans to go chill out on a beach somewhere? If you don’t have the funds necessary for a trip to Panama City Beach, Florida, like seemingly everyone else in America, maybe you could consider something else instead.

I traveled the world on a budget whilst helping others for a year, and I suggest that everyone do the same at least once in their life.

Some volunteering agencies like Workaway offer a way to stay places for free, introduce you to the local culture and help others, all while learning some skills along the way!

You can do anything for spring break, why not learn some life skills while helping others and getting that desirable tan while you’re at it?

If you have the money for a plane ticket, you can go anywhere.

You can even go to my home country of South Africa and learn about permaculture. If you want to stay in the Americas, you can go to Mexico and help a dive instructor run a diving center or help run a small bed and breakfast in the country of Panama. Great places for catching that tan, right?

If you want to find a cheaper ticket, check out the skip lagged application. Skip Lagged was created by a young tech genius to help people find cheaper flights by using insider techniques and information.

Many other websites, like Kayak.com, will help you compare fares and choose the cheapest one.

Try looking on these sites, then going to the cheapest offer’s airline webpage. The airline should have a cheaper listing, as the comparative websites usually have little fees attached.

You don’t have to feel subjected to the murky waters of Muriel Beach, South Carolina, just because you think your budget doesn’t allow for a memorable adventure.

You have a week for spring break. Why not enjoy it properly.