On Feb. 21, members of the Student Government Association conducted a campus walk through to check the campus lighting and find areas of improvement.

Secretary Emily Marmon was the Student Government Association representative and coordinator of the Safety Walk. Along with Marmon, members of the ETSU Commission on Women and Public Safety officers were in attendance.

Areas that needed more lighting or improved lighting were the main focus of the walk, but they also took note of road and sidewalk conditions and checked to ensure all of the blue emergency lights were functioning.

“It was quite surprising to see the amount of lights on campus that were not functioning or had not been maintained,”  Marmon said. “Some issues noted were non-functioning lights and sidewalks.”

Notes from the walk revealed that many of the sidewalks on campus were also damaged, which is mostly caused by tree roots that have grown under them.

The report on the Safety Walk will be given at the next Safety Committee meeting, which will be held on April 11.

Since the walk, work orders have been filed and the problems will be addressed this semester and over the summer.

Improved lighting, additional lighting and sidewalk fixes are on the safety agenda over the course of the next few months.

“SGA has strong representation on the safety-related university committees,” said SGA president Pooja Shah. “SGA works to be the liaison between the students and the staff that can help to alleviate these issues.”

Students are encouraged to report any safety-related campus issues to the SGA safety committee or email Director of Environmental Health and Safety Dan O’Brien at obriendj@etsu.edu.