On Monday, March 13, senior Katie Wright hosted her own flute recital in Mathes Hall.

The recital was held in a small auditorium with most of the lighting fixed on the center stage, giving the impression that whoever was going to be standing in the spotlight was someone born for it.

Katie Wright stepped on stage and played a selection of three songs. During the recital, she was also accompanied by a pianist that matched her harmony with wind and stringed instruments.

“Because I am a Music Ed major, I am required to have a thirty minute recital as a ticket to graduate from the program,” Wright said. “My major is Music Ed and I have a minor in Sociology as well, and I plan to teach at public and private schools. I am open to anything right now, and I’m just going to go with the flow for a little bit.”

(Photograph by Katherine Dickerson / East Tennessean)

From the moment the ETSU senior started playing, it was clear that she had been playing the flute for a long time.

“I’ve been playing flute since fifth grade. I actually wanted to play piano, but my Mom had an old flute at our house. She said, ‘why don’t you play flute?’ After I started playing the flute, I loved it.”

Throughout her four years at ETSU, Wright has also been involved with many extracurricular activities related to her passion for music.

“I was involved with Marching Bucs, concert band and wind ensemble, and I enjoyed playing, performing and giving back music to the people,” Wright said. “It’s always really fun to play and rehearse the music, but then we go and preform it for others, and I love it and enjoy it so much. I love getting a chance to express myself in a different way.”

During the performance, Katie played a number of songs that showcased her virtuosity, impressing audience members with her professional form and talent.

“I put so many hours of practice into this recital! I can’t even count them, there were just so many hours. I put in as much as I can … and you heard the result tonight.”

No matter how many hours of practice Wright puts into playing her flute, it is clear that this ETSU senior is off to a bright and limitless future in music.