For students looking for information about scholarship applications, the waiting room of ETSU’s Scholarship Office alone is a wealth of information.

As students wait for a consultation with a scholarship counselor they are free to peruse a huge stack of books on topics related to scholarship applications. Kathy Feagins, the director of the scholarship office, said the office, which is located on the 2nd floor of the D.P. Culp Center, can be a great place for students to start their application process.

“We have information for all of the general scholarships on campus which is approximately 70 different endowed scholarships, multiple academic scholarships through the Honors College, and the Carter and Gilbreath scholarships for out-of-state students,” Feagins said. While the application deadline for ETSU scholarships has passed for fall of 2017, Feagins noted that students have several options to look for scholarships outside of the university.

“There are tons of outside scholarships available and those can be accessed through various online searches,” Feagins said.

The Scholarship Office offers handouts with information about outside scholarships and Feagins noted the importance of looking within an academic department for scholarships as well.

“Students can look online for national scholarships of course, but if you are currently enrolled it’s important to check within your academic department for specific scholarships that don’t necessarily come from ETSU; your professors will often have information on this,” Feagins said.

Feagins stressed that looking outside of the university can also benefit incoming freshmen.

“If you are in high school, look for local scholarships from the community, parents’ employers and churches,” Feagins said.

Among the websites on the handout offered at the Scholarship Office is Even a cursory glance shows that a motivated student should have no trouble finding a scholarship that fits their specific needs and strengths.

According to Feagins, it’s important for students to play to their specific strengths during the application process.

“Students need to ask a lot of questions, stay on top of deadlines and apply for as many scholarships as possible, but they also need to be honest. They should know their strengths and weaknesses and accurately portray who they are,” Feagins said.

However, honesty, according to Feagins, does not necessarily imply humility.

“Just because you are being honest does not mean you have to be humble; remember this is a competition,” said Feagins.

For students wondering if their financial situation may disqualify them from eligibility, Feagins offered words of hope.

“You do not have to have financial need to get a scholarship. In fact, our largest scholarships at ETSU are academic and merit based,” Fegins said.

For those interested in learning more about where, when and how to apply, the Scholarship Office can be contacted at 423-439-7094 or you can meet with a scholarship counselor in the Office on weekdays from 8:00-4:30.