The Student Government Association has had an exciting and busy month as they are currently in the middle of hosting a majority of Civility Month events and preparing for election season.

On Monday evening, Dr. Bernice King, the daughter of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., spoke to a large crowd as part of Civility Month.

“It was an amazing event,” SGA vice president Nathan Farnor said. “There was a huge turnout … I can only hope that all our other events go like that.”

This event was made possible by SGA along with the President’s Office, Multicultural Center, Office of Equity and Diversity, Student Affairs, Sherrod Library, Summer & Winter Sessions, the Academic Health Sciences Center, Enrollment Services, Residence Hall Association, Women’s Resource Center and the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement.

“I think last night’s speaker was the largest civility event we’ve ever had in the five or six years that we’ve been doing civility events,” said ETSU Dean of Students Jeff Howard.

There is a civility event scheduled every day until April 1, including the Privilege Walk, International Sports Day, Relay for Life and the Pridewalk Street painting.

The school year is close to coming to an end, which means SGA elections are coming up. The application deadline was Tuesday at 4 p.m.

The apportionment, the percentage of seats per college, is the same as last year.

There will be eight seats for the College of Arts and Sciences, six seats for the College of Business, four seats for the College of Education, three seats for the College of Nursing, two seats for the College of Public Health, two seats for the College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences, two seats for undecided students and one seat each for the Quillen College of Medicine, Quillen College of Pharmacy and the College of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach.

SGA has also acquired more money for Buc Fund. After distributing money in the Buc Fund in February, only $88.88 remained in the account, but now there is over $3,000 in the account.

The Quidditch Club returned $637  because they could not host one of their events. Sexual Health Week hosted their events without spending all of their Buc Fund allotments and will be returning a little over $2,600.

ETSUCon was very successful again this year and they will return $12,793 as well. This money is not in the Buc Fund yet. However, it is en route.