Buctainment hosted 2013’s Campus Activities Magazine’s comedian of the year Lucas Bohn in the Cave on Thursday evening.

In coordination with Tabletop Games, board games were set up on the tables in the Cave for students and faculty to play while they listened to the live comedy show. Buctainment also held a raffle and gave away two goody bags.

About 20 people showed up to watch Bohn’s stand up, but more people stopped in as the hour-long show went on.

Due to the small amount of people in attendance, Bohn was very interactive with the crowd and joked about the amount of people who showed up.

“I’m a big deal on cruise ships people,” Bohn said. “Hey, the last time I was in Johnson City I performed at a Holiday Inn in front of only four people, so I guess I’m doing better.”

The crowd laughed and applauded at Bohn’s jokes. Although a few of his jokes were crude, Bohn kept a majority of his stand-up show clean since he was in a public space. The comedian even poked fun at the university.

“You guys are the Buccaneers,” he joked. “Did I miss the ocean when I came in?”

Bohn is a comedian from New York that has performed on cruise ships, various universities and comedy clubs all over the country.

He started doing stand-up in college and has now been doing comedy for 16 years.

Bohn has performed with several popular comedians such as Dave Chappelle, Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart.

“I always loved watching comedy,” Bohn said. “I loved being around it, and I loved going to comedy clubs and watching comedy specials.”

Bohn was grateful for the invite to perform at ETSU. He thanked and shook nearly everyone’s hand who came to his show.

Buctainment hosts a variety of events on campus each semester that are free to students.

The organization thanked everyone for coming to the show, and encouraged them to check out the calendar of events on their website to know what events Buctainment is hosting next.