While a variety of courses are offered at ETSU, and especially in the Basler Center for Physical Activity, ETSU also holds a Kung Fu class.

The class was started three and a half years ago by one of ETSU’s students.

Once he got the course started and left for graduate school, another determined student took the lead. Now continuing into its fourth year, this Kung Fu course offers many different techniques.

“We learn all sorts of techniques” said Justin Aubin, the instructor for the course. “My instructor knows at least 350 forms and those forms have hundreds and hundreds of variations. Kung Fu was originally formed by monks. Some were retired generals; others wanted to be Buddhists. They ended up getting attacked a lot, so they started to learn self-defense. A lot of stuff we learn is straight from the battlefield. There is a lot of standing techniques in Kung Fu.”

With so many techniques to choose from, Aubin was eager to talk about his favorite.

“I mainly practice Crane style, which is a lot of kicks. It will hit a lot, but it’s mainly about powerful, powerful kicks.”

One of the techniques a student might learn in the course is the sparring technique. It is a beginning move that teaches students how to punch and kick correctly without hurting themselves. The order in which one executes the move is first the punch and then the kick, followed by another punch.

When asked about why they joined the Kung Fu class, many students were eager to answer. Alex Day said he joined the class because he liked martial arts. ETSU student Tyra Marek said she joined the course because it was recommended to her.

Aubin recommends the course to all ETSU students and encourages anyone to come and participate.

“Self-defense is something I think everyone needs to know about,” Aubin said. “This is a good way to get in some self-defense and is a good way to stay in shape. So no matter what you are coming here for, you will gain these two things.”

Classes are held in the CPA on Sundays from 4 – 5 p.m. and Tuesdays from 8:30 – 9:30 p.m.