While attempting to reach Bucky, it was quickly discovered that he’s a hard man to find. Between community service and all the sporting events, Bucky is a busy individual.

Much like a superhero, Bucky’s true identity will remain a secret, and the Athletics Department went out of their way to keep it that way.

Each year, the Athletics Department holds interviews for this coveted position, and once the role is filled, it is set for a year.

“You become Bucky,” they said. “You block out other things in your life and focus on the persona.”

Although Bucky is the ETSU mascot, he is a prominent face in the community as well. Bucky attends many different events, such as the Niswonger Annual Children’s Event and visits to local elementary schools.

Much of Bucky’s time is spent in the Athletics Department, but there is much more to being a mascot at ETSU.

“Some of the best events have nothing to do with athletics,” said Bucky. The Annual Jingle Bell Run and Notepads in 90 with ETSU President Brian Noland are cited as favorite pastimes for Bucky.

A large event Bucky is also involved with is the education days ETSU hosts. For the education day, Bucky is not only engaging with ETSU fans, but he is tasked with engaging the hundreds of children attending a particular sporting event.

“Parents will point and bring over their children,” said Bucky. “It’s so special to see the excitement that people have.”

“I think that it’s important for mascots to be at events,” said Kevin Brown, assistant director for media relations and sport information. “Mascots represent the fun parts of athletics.”

A high energy job, Bucky cannot allow the day’s events to distract him from what he needs to do.

“You have to remember who you are and why you are there,” said Bucky. “Although, there are no downsides other than it being hot.”

Though Bucky has seen changes over the years, the spirit of Bucky remains. He inspires hordes of ETSU fans and serves as a prominent face in the community.