The money that was allocated from the BUC Fund to multiple groups at the last Student Government Association meeting of the school year points to an eventful fall semester ahead.

Secretary of Allocations Conner Landers and BUC Fund Chair Annie Malcolm announced that Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity requested $1,500 for a conference, and the Slocumb Gallery Student Society requested $2,000 to fund an artist to speak at a gallery event. Both groups received the full amount they requested.

The last three money requests would have to be voted on since they were significant amounts of money.

The Student Organization Resource Center requested $15,000 for Leadershape, a six-day leadership retreat that is open for all students who apply and are selected. The students will discuss issues on campus and come back from the retreat in hopes to make a campus a better place for all.

The BUC Fund committee recommended $12,000 to the SORC and the senate approved the recommendation. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship requested $20,000 for the Campus Ministry Association to host a welcome week concert featuring Passion Worship Band.

The group plans to get at least 5,000 people in attendance. Students can attend for free and tickets will be sold to the public.

They were recommended $15,000 by the committee since the Campus Ministry Association will be doing other fundraising. This was voted on and passed by Senate.

The Wesley Foundation requested $19,000 for their $39,000 first time worship event where they hope to unite 1,000 churches together at ETSU. This event will be free to everyone and the group hopes to host it at the new football stadium.

There was a lot of debate on whether to allocate this money since it’s a similar event to the Passion concert that was just allocated money.

“This is something where if they did get a lot of churches, could bring national attention to ETSU,” Landers said.

They were recommended $11,500 since the group is fundraising, and the senate approved.

The ETSU concert committee came to the meeting to discuss next semester’s fall concert, which they believe will be in October. The committee has a $75,000-$80,000 budget for hiring the artist.

The genre for the fall concert is rock, and the poll for students to vote on who they want to perform will be in April.

This was the last SGA meeting of the semester, and for many of the seniors, it was their last SGA meeting ever.

“I just want to say thank you to all of you,” SGA President Pooja Shah said. “I’ve been in SGA for four years, ever since my first semester in junior senate, and out of all four senates I’ve ever experienced, this has definitely been the best … I’ll yield for the last time.”