Helping lead ETSU to a top three finish in the indoor Southern Conference meet, Matt Moore ran the 60 meter in a time of 6.77 seconds.

Moore was just four-tenths of a second from breaking the conference record. That time ultimately would be his career best in his four years at East Tennessee State University.

Moore is a senior majoring in physical therapy. He grew up mostly in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He lived with just his mom and his younger brother. Growing up, Moore was involved in sports, which would later be a path for him.

“I was, of course, an active kid so I never wanted to stay inside the house,” said Moore. “I often got in trouble for staying out too long.”

Moore’s mom is the one who put him in sports.

“I started off playing baseball then went basketball and then football,” said Moore. “I didn’t start running track until I was in sixth grade.”

Moore is very confident in his football skills. He believes he would have made it doing either sport.

“If I weren’t running track I would be playing football,” said Moore. “I was really good in high school, and I wouldn’t mind showing people that I still got it.”

Moore’s preference would be to only return kicks if he played football showing his quick first step as he does on the track.

As an Oak Ridge High School student, Moore set the school record in the 60-meter dash and was named a New Balance All-American in 2013. Though he has accomplished much already, Moore still has goals he wants to achieve.

“I am still wanting to break the 100-meter dash record here at ETSU, and I want to get to nationals in that same event,” said Moore.

During his tenure running at ETSU, Moore has experienced his fair share of injuries that have kept him from competing, but he has not complained once only working to get better.

“One of many of my favorite memories is when I won my first conference title in the 60m dash,” said Moore. “I battle injuries so much it  felt great to accomplish something.”

With only a semester of classes left after the spring of 2017 semester, Moore has set new goals while keeping the thought of track in his future.

“Depending on how this season ends will determine if I decide to keep running after college,” said Moore. “Other than that I want to dive into the work field with my degree, in a big city, and see where life takes me.”