Due to an increase in university spending and a projected decrease in student attendance, ETSU students could see an increase in tuition and fees next year.

On March 3, President Brian Noland spoke to the Student Government Association and said ETSU enrollment would likely decrease for the 2017-2018 school year.

This puts the university behind in their 10 year plan that started in 2016 to have 18,000 students enrolled by 2026.

Associate Vice President for Student Engagement Jeff Howard announced at the last SGA meeting of the year that fees were likely to increase.

“I wanted to give you a quick update on fees,” Howard said. “(President Noland), came and talked to you all broadly a few weeks ago about the fee increase and I wanted to update you. It does look like what he proposed is moving forward.”

According to Howard, there would be a 3 percent tuition increase and an additional 1 percent increase in fees.

“I believe all of those fees are going to the capital fee which (Noland) talked to you about,” Howard said. “Part of it is going towards an increase in the library fee, which is something the SGA supported last year, and then the campus recreation fee which is something the SGA from this year supported. Those fees increased are working their way through the process and I just wanted to let you have that update.”

The ETSU Budget Process Committee has been busy developing a strategic budget for the 2017-2018 school year. The committee has had multiple presentation dates in the past, where they have presented a proposed budget to the ETSU Academic Council, faculty senate and SGA.

The committee’s presentation and spread sheet was posted online, but was taken down.

“It was not posted due to it not being accurate and needing a lot of explanation of the various aspects that can alter the outcome,” said Larry D. Calhoun, the chair of the Budget Process committee.

“It certainly is no secret,” he said. “We just want accurate information in the public domain.”

According to university spokesman Joe Smith, no increase is official.

“(A 3 percent tuition) increase may be what’s recommended, but I haven’t heard that for sure,” Smith said. “The Board (of Trustees) will not meet until June, and that’s when they will approve fees.”