Food trucks have become a nationwide phenomenon over the last few years, and it’s no surprise why. Since the cost of operating a food truck is much less than a dine-in restaurant, local businesses have sprung up all over Johnson City.

Johnson City is home to a myriad of food trucks and other mobile vendors. Those looking for a quick bite are sure to be convinced by a food truck nearby to fulfill their needs. One of the more popular food trucks in the area is Mimi’s Cookies and Creamery. Mimi’s puts a spin on the traditional ice cream sandwich by replacing the outer layer of chocolate with the choice of a homemade cookie or a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

They also provide the option of topping your ice cream sandwich with toppings ranging from the typical sprinkles or flavored syrup to your favorite sugary cereal. Even if you are not feeling one of these sandwiches, Mimi’s offers root beer floats, ice cream cones, coffee, and even more. If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, Mimi’s is the place to go.

Mimi’s can be tricky to catch though, considering they travel all around the Tri-Cities. Not to worry, they can surely be found at most local festivals, and they also post their weekly schedule on the official Mimi’s Instagram account @mimiscreamery. The two most common places that Mimi’s visits is at the Yeehaw Brewing Co. located at in downtown Johnson City and its home location at 535 West Market St.

If you are looking for a meal, there is a food truck ready to serve whatever pizza craving you may have. Opie’s Pizza Wagon serves customers hand tossed pizza with a variety of topping and flavor combinations. All of this is baked in a wood-fired oven and it only takes 90 seconds to bake. Opie’s most common locations are Aunt B’s restaurant that is found at 1436 Milligan Highway and Johnson City Medical Center.

The Munchie Machine, while it has no official address, resides next to Quantum Leap Trampoline Park. This Scooby-Doo inspired food wagon serves the favorite snack of characters Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, well behind Scooby Snacks of course. The Munchie Machine serves sandwiches and impressive ones too. They offer about every possible sandwich topping that may seem crazy, with vegetarian options included.

As wild as it seems, there is even a food truck that serves waffle sandwiches. Project Waffle serves sandwiches that replaces traditional bread with waffles. They have options for lovers of breakfast, barbecue and dessert. Its most common location in Johnson City is JRH Brewing Co.

Though similar to but unrelated, Charlotte’s Florals is a new truck too. In fact, Charlotte’s allows customers to mix and match an assortment of flowers to create a bouquet that is personal to you. It is all of the fun of picking flowers in a field with a lot less effort required. Yeehaw Brewing Co. and Tupelo Honey are two of the most common locations for Charlotte’s Florals, but its location can be tracked using the “location” tab on

If you are looking for a quick bite (or flowers), there is a good chance that there is a truck in Johnson City to satisfy your need. From ice cream, to waffles, to pizza and more, there is a food truck for your heart’s desire.