Looking for a fun way to meet new people, exercise your brain and hone your skills in a 1500 year old game of strategy? Well look no further because Johnson City now has an official chess club.

The Johnson City Chess club gives people with varying interests and backgrounds the opportunity to bond over this beloved, classic game. William Flynn, the founder of the Johnson City Chess Club, sat down to answer some of our questions about all that this exciting new club has to offer.

Q: Why did you start a chess club?

Will: I’ve always had a passion for chess. I would go to bigger cities and see chess clubs there and those inspired me to start one in Johnson City.

Q: Explain how a typical chess club meeting plays out. What are the order of events?

Will: We play at the Memorial Park Community Center. I show up about 30 minutes early to set up. I put out about six or seven chess boards before everyone shows up. Then we all get together and just hang out, play chess and drink coffee.

Q: Does one have to be at a particular skill level to be able to join?

Will: No. People of all skill levels are invited.

Q: What are some benefits of joining the chess club?

Will: The primary thing is that you will meet with people with all sorts of other hobbies. I play tennis, chess and am a hiking fanatic and I have met people with similar hobbies as well as people who have introduced me to new things. The chess club is a way to bring all sorts of people together.

Q: What would you say to somebody who would like to join, but is afraid of not being skilled enough?

Will: Chess is a universal sport made for everyone. We encourage people who aren’t very skilled to join so that they can get better. Chess is a game that everyone should play. If you have questions you should reach out to me by sending me an e-mail.

The Johnson City Chess Club meets at Memorial Park Community Center located at 510 Bert St. To find out meeting times, events and general information email William Flynn at johnsoncitychessclub@gmail.com.