The Women on Wednesdays series kicked off a new semester on Sept. 6 with a lecture by Dr. Bethany Novotny.

The lecture took place in the ETSU D.P. Culp Center and consisted of a “Mindset Matters” theme. The lecture, which focused on grit and mindset, is available to be watched on the Women on Wednesdays page on the ETSU website.

The Women on Wednesdays lecture series was created in 2012 by Dr. Phyllis Thompson, a professor at the university and Program Director of Women’s Studies. The series’ page states that the aim has been to highlight the academic work of women on campus.

According to a press release, the purpose of the series is to highlight the work of women at the university. “The Women on Wednesdays series is designed to raise awareness about the research, scholarship and community engagement that women at ETSU are doing; to provide a venue where women on campus and in the community can discuss and support each other’s work; and to give students an opportunity to meet faculty who could become mentors for their studies,” the release said.

Since its creation, the event has consisted of advanced undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty presenting their research.

While you can not yet see the lecture schedule for this semester, the series’ page states that it will be provided soon.

For anyone who has never been to one of these lectures and would like to watch, or even re-watch one if you have, the Women on Wednesdays page not only shows viewers the latest lecture with Novotny, but also goes all the way back to the event’s beginning in 2012.

The oldest video that can be seen dates back to March 21, 2012, with Veronica Limeberry, who was a graduate student at the time, discussing how universities can engender change for women internationally.

Limeberry graduated in 2014 with a Master of the Arts in Liberal Studies degree with a concentration in gender and diversity studies. She was also named the 2015-2016 Fulbright Academic Research Fellow.

Others who have taken part in the lecture series, just to name a few, includes associate professor of Public Law and Public Administration Rebecca Keeler and an ETSU graduate and Director of Outreach Mina Mcveigh for the campus counseling center. Donna Noland, the wife of ETSU President Brian Noland, has also participated in the series.

The next lecture in the series will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 4 at noon in the Multicultural Center. The topic, which will be presented by Dr. Rebekah Fletcher, is entitled “Rethinking Appalachian Health.”

For more information about Women on Wednesday, call Thompson at 423-439-4125, or email The Women on Wednesday page can be found at