Dear readers,

The arts and entertainment section is certainly one of my favorite sections, as the arts have always been important to culture and society. I’m always truly interested in artist interviews and reading what new exhibit is up for review in the galleries.

Art represents a person’s mind and soul. It speaks truths that can’t be told in words. What artists mean to do is provide a different direction than the path leads. Art is meant to shout the issues and scream the themes the artist wants to tell the masses.

In response to my love of art and my everlasting support of local artists, I am officially calling together the artists of ETSU to come together and submit their works here to the East Tennessean!

What I want to do with local art is publish it once a month in the arts and entertainment section to get the word out there about our rising artists. Whether it’s paintings, pottery, poems or other forms of art, I want to see it! If you have something you’d like to see published for the pubic, please send all inquiries to the executive editor, Jessica Dunker, at

All works will be reviewed by myself and other staff, and if there are enough submissions, we’ll run a whole page dedicated to the art of the students! Updates to come.

Yours truly,

Jessica Dunker, executive editor