The Renaissance makes a comeback.

The ETSU Department of Professional Development will be holding a variety of enriching renaissance camps for children this fall. The session will take place on ETSU’s campus Oct. 2-6. The camps will be held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the D.P Culp University Center.

“The Renaissance Child Program is the umbrella name over our enrichment programs that include our summer camps, our fall enrichment and winter and spring enrichment,” Director of Office of Professional Development Darla Dye said.

She explained these camps are available for kids “going into first grade all the way through high school.”

The term “enrichment” refers to the purpose of the camps as being designed to augment learning for “the 21st century child,” according to Dye. This alludes to the program’s name, emphasizing a 21st century “Renaissance” education.

Dye further explained this includes a wide variety of learning opportunities intended to create a well-rounded thinker. Each camp session has an overarching theme, and this allows for each camp’s designated activities to follow suit.

“When we have astronomy, we have [the children] writing about it, making art about it…We emphasize a holistic approach,” Dye said.

Examples of these activities include exploring nature, utilizing computer technology, creating art and more. The camps are not limited to the bounds of campus. The Renaissance Child Program typically incorporates relevant field trips for each camp session. The upcoming fall session includes a trip to Bright’s Zoo in Limestone, Tennessee.

The price for the fall session is $160 with a $15 discount for children of ETSU students and faculty. The fall enrollment for camps will be available up until Oct. 2nd, but if you just can’t make it in time, fear not. There will be a winter session held the week of Dec. 18 and the activities will include the same diversity of engaging Renaissance learning.

This educational opportunity is not limited to children though. The camps are led by ETSU professors as well as grade-school teachers and college students.

If you are an ETSU student or faculty member and wish to be involved in one of these camps, you can contact Darla Dye at the Office of Professional Development at (423) 439-8084 or e-mail for more information.