From Oct. 8 – Oct. 12, the ETSU Department of Theater and Dance will be performing the play “Playhouse Creatures,” a play that focuses on women actresses coming onto the stage in the late 1600s.

The play will be performed in the Bud Frank Theater located within Gilbreath Hall. The stage is decorated with large scripts in the background, and on the side of the stage, there are tables and chairs that serve as the backstage of the playhouse.

“It’s a play about the first actresses on the English stage when women were finally allowed to act on stage,” said Bobby Funk, the ETSU professor that is directing the show..

The play starts off with one of the characters, Nell Gwynn, coming onto the stage as a new actress. Throughout the play, certain situations occur to the actresses highlighting the difficulties of a woman on the stage.

“It’s an ensemble,” Funk said. “I wouldn’t say there’s a main character. All of the women share the limelight. They have to act very well, do a British accent, sing, dance and do a fight scene on stage.”

Funk said that the Department of Theater and Dance chooses the plays they are going to do the previous school year. They had a number of meetings and many plays were read and submitted. They then chose a season and then chose who would take on the different jobs. Funk was chosen to direct “Playhouse Creatures.”

“I just enjoy the rehearsal process,” Funk said. “This is a very talented cast. It’s fun working with them and watching the characters grow.”

“Playhouse Creatures” is a play that highlights the difficulties that actresses faced as they first started to take the stage, something that echoes down to this very day.

“These women went through hard times,” Funk said. “They were abused, weren’t paid well and worked long hours. They faced many of the same problems women face today… So people will be able to relate to the play.”

“Playhouse Creatures” will be performed from Oct. 8-12 in the Bud Frank Theater in Gilbreath Hall. General Admission tickets cost $10 and student tickets are $5. Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office.