With the addition of Sodexo as the East Tennessee State University’s Dining Services food provider for the Marketplace, ETSU now provides help to students’ health like never before.

Last year Sodexo hired ETSU Campus Dining and Wellness Dietitian Alexa Scully to give complimentary nutrition consults to students on campus and will continue to provide the same assistance through this year.

Scully is a licensed and registered dietitian and brings a lot of experience to the ETSU campus. She worked at IMG Academy as a NFL Combine Training Nutrition Coach and worked for the Chicago Cubs as a sports dietitian for the 2016 and 2017 season.

This is her second year at ETSU and the second year nutrition consults have been offered to students, though not many students know about the program.

“I tried to get that done this year, but they changed it to where you could not get mass emails sent to everyone,” Scully said. “There’s a newsletter that goes around, and that helped a little bit, along with me reaching out to all the different coaches when it comes to athletics and the recreation. I’m working with them, so I’m going to start doing tabling events over there…I’m trying to reach out, since I can’t send a mass email to everyone.”

Students can schedule one-on-one nutrition consults for sports nutrition, weight management, healthy eating, vegan and vegetarian, food allergies, celiac disease, diabetes, digestive health or other medical nutrition needs.

“I mean I always think that we can always improve on our actual food quality, always,” Scully said. “That’s always something that you can always improve.”

To schedule a nutrition consult, you can email Scully at Alexa.Scully@sodexo.com or stop by her office outside of the Marketplace on the third floor of the D.P. Culp University Center.