At the Reece Museum’s fifth annual FL3TCH3R Exhibit, some works will ask you stand back to take in their breadth. Others invite you to come in close to see their details; still more ask you to touch or interact with them. Every piece asks you to think.

The FL3TCH3R exhibit, which opened Oct. 9, features 55 artists from cities across the U.S. (Johnson City included), Mexico and China. Juried by Anita Kunz, each of the 76 pieces engages contemporary societal and political issues.

In our current social and political climate, it’s not hard to imagine that artists have a lot to say. Split across two rooms of the museum, some of the pieces are blunt; you’ll know what it means the moment you see it. For others, you may need to flip through the guidebook available at the front desk, where the artist may have explained his or her intent.

No matter where you come down on the political spectrum, you’re sure to find something on the walls that engages you in some way, whether visually, intellectually or emotionally. There are works on race, gun violence, the environment, animal rights, the president and more. Mediums include paint, collage, digital print, fiber arts and even blood. Some elements combined in one art piece. 

The exhibition lasts to Dec. 15. On Oct. 26, Kunz will give an hour lecture beginning at 5 p.m., followed by a reception and awards ceremony.

The exhibit is free and welcome to the public. Anyone may can attend the free lecture and reception or stop by Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. until the exhibit closes. Be sure to block off a good chunk of time; an hour disappears quite easily when there is so much artwork to view and consider.