Every morning when I wake up, I always check my phone for messages, emails, Snapchats–the usual–and of course, I always see the notifications from Washington Post that pop up as my daily dose of the morning news.

Most times I scroll through the news, since I don’t have much time in the mornings anyway, but this time I stopped. On the list was Trump’s amendment to the distribution of birth control to the masses by adding in a new amendment that allows healthcare providers to stop supplying free healthcare through the claim of conflicting religious beliefs. Emphasis on “claim.”

Not only does limiting healthcare to social class limit basic rights but it also justifies placing more power in the hands of corporations in the business for profit.

Wealth shouldn’t determine a person’s healthcare. What this nation needs to do is focus on the social implications of legislation rather than selfishly deciding for the masses what can and cannot be done. Let’s not hide the true intentions of this law–to bolster support for a failing president among those with a hefty weight of power and wealth.

While rights of the common people may not seem important to President Trump, Trump does align with the Republican conservative party that wants to outlaw all abortion, or at least to heavily restrict abortion laws, by hailing to the “pro-life” argument for the sake of the greater good.

But the greater good includes the living too. If birth control were limited to only those who have the money and healthcare to access it, then abortions will certainly increase, reversing the statistics for abortion rates, which have decreased since ObamaCare included birth control in its program.

It all just seems counterproductive, not only for women’s rights, but for the sake of all women in horrific cases such as rape or in the standard cases of unwarranted pregnancies.

It’s completely ignorant to assume women undergo abortions lightheartedly. No woman wants an abortion, and that’s why women regularly take birth control to begin with, not to mention the health benefits of birth control, such as the regulation of menstrual cycles and hormonal levels.

I’m so incredibly tired of men dictating passing legislation that coincidentally only affects women. People talk about equality of the sexes, but when it comes down to it, a board of women should be making decisions concerning women, not men. It’s called representation, and that’s what this country fought for, or at least that’s the claim.

While legislation is underway, people are making statements such as, “If you can’t afford birth control, you shouldn’t be sexually active.”

Great thinking! Please explain how many times it’s worked to tell a teenager or a fully grown adult to remain celibate for unaccounted years to come. I’m sure it’s gone well so far!

Healthcare is a basic human right, and that includes birth control. If this country wants to see itself thrive, rather than casting off those in need for the sake of profit, we need to start taking care of the people who live in this nation if we really want to see America be as great as it can be.