On Saturday, the Patchwork Players presented a play that highlights the craziness of dysfunctional relationships.

The play “It’s Called The Sugar Plum” was presented in the Campus Center Building. The stage was set up as a small bedroom with minimal props, directing the focus of the play to the two main characters.

“I like that I’m trying to be as serious as possible even though this is an absurd play,” actor Gleason Holt said. “I like getting to examine an entire relationship in a 30-minute span.”

“It’s Called The Sugar Plum” is a play that centers around two characters after the death of a man. Holt’s character, Wallace Zuckerman, is the man who accidentally runs over the fiancé of Joanna Dibble. At the beginning of the play, Wallace finds himself confronted by Joanna Dibble, who is portrayed by Eulalah Prater. As the play goes on, though, the two characters quickly go from arguing to falling in love.

“I like how very odd and almost sociopathic it is,” Prater said. “This play is about a relationship of two people who are very manipulative, and they both want something from each other. They pretend to want each other, but they really only want the other for manipulation purposes.”

Holt said that they only had three weeks to put together “It’s Called The Sugar Plum,” and that they didn’t have a lot of time because of different issues. Holt said he felt like they did well, and he hoped the play would cause people to look at their own relationships.

“I hope they enjoy it, I hope they laugh,” said Holt. “I hope maybe it makes them look at their own relationships and realize that theirs is not as unhealthy as this one.”

“I hope that the audience all liked it, and they got the comedy out of it,” Prater said. “And that they thought it was funny and weird, and they walk away thinking ‘what just happened?”’