It’s time to do the time-warp again!

The Johnson City Community Theatre is presenting Richard O’ Brien’s “The Rocky Horror Show” this month through Oct. 31. This will be the third year the play is being presented at JCCT.

“The Rocky Horror Show” has been a blockbuster for the company since the JCCT first presented the Royal Court Theatre/Broadway classic in 2015. The show is a unique experience, and above all—an interactive one. Even if you have seen the cinematic production, you have still not seen “The Rocky Horror Show.”

To relate the JCCT stage production to the cult classic movie, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975) you would have to exclude the JCCT’s unique methods of audience involvement, as well as spectacular performances by William Oliver as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Christian Coger and Hannah Miller in the roles of Brad Majors and Janet Weiss respectively, as well as E.C. Huff’s portrayal of Eddie and the zany German Dr. Everett Scott, among other great performances.

“I had seen 4 or 5 different productions of it [“The Rocky Horror Show”] and I wanted to do something a little different,” Coger said. “I created a back story behind Brad…I developed this character of a kid who was bullied his whole life and finally found a girlfriend and then decides to put a ring on it, because it’s what he should do…then events transpire.”

Miller is a student at ETSU who enjoys being a part of the JCCT’s productions.

“I did my first show here 10 years ago,” Miller said. “I just do this for fun and spend inordinate amounts of time doing it for free which sounds crazy…but it’s just because we love it so much.”

The music is arranged by Scott Elliot and Tatum Spears for this season’s “The Rocky Horror Show,” and you will be delighted to find that all scores are played by a live band.

JCCT’s “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is absolutely loaded with hysterical and at times explicit interjections, in keeping with the “Rocky Horror” tradition, so parental discretion is advised. Tickets and show times are available at and they will sell fast, so grab your most glamorous pumps, blackest lipstick and holiest fishnets because “The Rocky Horror Show” is in town!